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  • Krishna Chaitanya M

THE DARK CHAOS: other side of my LIFE

I am nowhere in this world and I am everywhere in my dreams. I am nomadic in my own world. I love travelling through thoughts. In today’s fast paced life, I want to stop for a while and wait and watch how life moves. I want to change my life; well at least a few things in my life. At times I laugh at how serious I take myself and at times regret at how I ignore myself.

I am nowhere near perfect, but I want to be myself. I want to be accepted for what I am. I am sometimes truthful. Sometimes not! I get impressed and depressed at same time. I get motivated by the people who hate me and inspired by the people who care for me. Most of the times I hate to win, but at times I have to win!

They say everything in our life happens for a reason, but my life never cares for such reasons. All it needs are results that matters, at least for that moment. They also say time heals everything, then I wonder, is time a panacea?

Early in the morning I try to remember the person whom I love with smile on my face and late in the night I try to forget the person who left me, with tears in my eyes. Most of the times, I ignore who care for me and care who ignores me.

My life is a sage with a blood dipped sword and a cruel looking beast with a soft heart.

I can predict the next minute of my life but somehow succeed to forget my last minute. I do the best possible thing in this world only to find ignorance surrounding me; I do nothing only to find luck following me like a shadow to land me in the world of perfection.

Human soul burns in the fire of Desire and Envy;

Desire of what he wants, which he never had;

Envy, because what he want is with others. I am no exception of such soul. After all I am a mortal too!

They say I am a philosopher. If so, then my philosophy is made of “NOTHING”, for I believe in the line “philosophers kill themselves thinking too much”, more they think, less they live!

Few say I’m lucky, others say I’m not; few say I’m rational, remaining say I’m emotional, but I am convinced that I am sensitive to both rational and emotional thinking. My life doesn’t understand the difference between good and evil; it only knows the difference between need and want. And the difference is ME!

I love this Delicious Ambiguity of my life, except for the fact that – “I live today, to die another day”.

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