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Happy Birthday Hero!

14th of November, 2013.I’ll remember this day for my life. When the whole world is watching the GOD play his last test, i was busy reading about the ‘Timeless Steel’ (Excerpts of articles about RD).Then I started pondering why?I was a fan of Sachin because every one was. And then when I started watching cricket more closely I realised who my real hero is. I still like Sachin, but I adore RD. My personal choice.I should be watching that match because I liked Sachin all my life, but retirement of another legend much before, made me lose my interest in cricket (even when GOD is playing his last match!).GODs are gifted with born talents, prodigies. For players like GOD, you know magic and you become the wizard. But for players like DRAVID, you don’t know magic and still you can become the wizard.My friends often debate that GOD is great. He holds more records than anyone else. Agreed. And I don’t like debate over two legends. I like them both for different reasons. And I like RD more.

Even if you are not born with that talent, you can still become a master. A Classic master. With some focus and little more dedication. He was/is my inspiration. He taught me how to achieve everything when you have nothing. He taught me how to be patient. He taught me that we can work on our weaknesses and convert them into our strengths. He taught me that consistency is the key. He taught me that fame is not everything. I know more about Dravid (as a player) than about cricket, because for me HE is the cricket.


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