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  • Krishna Chaitanya M

Rain of smiles

On a lazy Sunday evening, I laid-back by the window thinking of you and staring at the splendid scene in front of me. It’s raining. Then looking at the rain I envisaged your smiley face in every drop I saw. By the time I see it clearly, it used to reach the ground quickly and scatter itself ……..and so did my heart every time. It went on for a while, unsuccessful every time. Next time I didn’t want to lose it, so I tried to capture it in my hands, but in vain….and so my life seemed. Then I realised what I am doing sitting by the window, when it is raining outside.

I walked out in rain. I stretched my arms and looked in to the sky. I don’t know how to describe it, when millions of smiles of my love are showering on me and hundreds of them are kissing my face at the same time. I loved this moment as never before. I started to drench in infinite smiles of you.

The more I let go, the more it came back. Now, I know the difference in trying to hold the love for myself and experiencing it as it is. In the first case reality may become an illusion and in later one, an illusion may become a reality. Love is beautiful when it is in your way, but it is beyond beautiful when it is on its own way.

I love the rain and I love it more when it reminds me of you.

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