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  • Krishna Chaitanya M

Never say Die

It was early morning. The ambience was serene outside. I can hear my heart beat and I can feel my nerves. I drafted my resignation and placed it on the table. A Train of thoughts were running in my mind with supersonic speed. Unable to take the pressure I decided to take a short walk to the stadium. It was fresh outside, but I started sweating. And I can’t control my thoughts (they never listen to me!!).

When I was in my graduation I owned the time. But after joining the MNC, time started owning me. And I soon became a part of so called fast paced life. Always trying to run faster than the time and failing on each try. It seems the day never ends in the corporate. Adding to this wonderful life of mine, recession gave a bonus too. People started resigning to pursue their higher studies. Our organization instead of recruiting more machines (that’s what we were called) they started sharing the work to the existing employees (they termed it as cost cutting!). Then I started working day and night. I forgot what day is and what night is; eventually I forgot what sleep is too. It was like I had taken a fast track course for my life time’s work (as if I am going to die in a month!). I can’t fight this anymore. Though it is a recession time, I decided to give up.

I neared the stadium gate and saw chinna (my 12 years old neighbor) doing some warm ups there. He greeted me with a smiley face and asked for his share of chocolates (Which he always do when we meet and I give him one without fail, except today). When I was busy making out a reason for the excuse, he took out a Cadbury from his pocket (yes…early in the morning) and gave me, my share. When asked why he was there at that time of the day…He told me that he has a 1500 meter sprint race in his school and he is participating in it. He came here to take a trail run. At that time I was thinking about the stamina of this child, whose build looks weak. We both went inside the stadium and then he asked me to keep track of the time and his performance. He started running and has to complete 3 circles. He finished the first circle with a good timing. And by the time he came to his second round his speed decreased significantly and took lot of time. When he entered in to the third round, I kept the stop clock aside (time is now no more a constraint) and started worrying about him, he was literally about to collapse. But he was still running. Though there is only 200 meters more left, he has no energy and I realised that he can’t make it. I shouted at him to give up and take some rest. He ignored me and continued running towards his destination. As he neared the finishing line he closed his eyes and faced the sky (as if asking the God to give him one iota of energy to finish this race). The moment he crossed the finishing line he collapsed to the ground. As I ran near him, he was completely exhausted and was breathing heavily. I shouted at him “Why do you want to take so much of pain, why didn’t you give up?” He looked straight into my eyes and paused the breath, to reply “Because I’m still alive”. My past was before me for a second. I have nothing to speak, but silence to show.

I came home dropping Chinna in his house, had a shower and got ready. I stood before the mirror, adjusting my tie and started thinking of what I had done. The 10 year old kid taught me the most important lesson in my life. Never say DIE when you are still alive. Everyone has their own problems and quitting never was the solution. The key is to live the life till the end. I recollected the quote of Boris Becker saying “I love the winning, I can take the loosing, but most of all I love to play”. Then I threw the resignation letter in to the dustbin and walked towards the door to start my day. Suddenly I remembered something and started running back towards the mirror and peeped into it. I smiled at my reflection and said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.

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