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Suddenly I woke out of my bed.It was 0400 in the morning. The ambience outside was silent and serene. It was then I thought of giving some exercise to my fingers to type down my confounding and unsettling views on religions and beliefs. The topic on which I was in debate with myself for a long time. One of the most difficult questions to answer is whether the GOD exists or not? It is even more difficult to prove the answer, YES or NO. Those who say yes are theist and no are called atheist and there is a third kind called agnostic who believe that existence of GOD is not provable. Well then I had to picture myself as a possible least degree of Agnostic, who defends the presence of GOD. Let me make myself clear….. The myth says GOD created us. And I think we, humans created GOD. There should be some power above our ego to control us. Some power we should fear from doing wrong things. Some power we should have faith in, to build our confidence and to achieve things we need. Some power that will help us when we are in need. Some power which gives hope when we are lost. Thus arrived His ALMIGHTY giving enormous strength to our mankind, answering all the questions. And religion was invented to explain things that at time, seemed unexplainable. Unfortunately we humans(can not blame any one), for the love of power distinguished the GOD into different types and fought for domination. Thus arrived different kinds of religions,GODS,communities,cultures et cetera followed by historical disputes. Ha….that is other side of the story I am not interested in, at least now. Suppose you have a friend who is losing the game every time he play and you give him plain water saying it is a magic potion.Now after drinking it his chances of winning the game becomes double(as in HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE, remember Ron Weasley).As he thinks he WILL win, he WILL and that confidence leads him to success.Here his belief/faith has done the job but not the magic potion. Similarly GOD may differ in names and representations, but the faith we have in HIM is what makes the magic happen. Here Faith is invisible and immortal and so GOD is.In the same way GOD for me is.

JOY………When you achieve something you want, after waiting for a long time. PAIN……Which gives you the strength and commitment to reach your destination. LOVE……You show to your special ones, unconditionally. FEAR……Fear of getting defeated, which leads you to win. WORK….Involving in work you worship gives you absolute contentment. HOPE…..When you loose everything, a hope of regaining yourself, will make that possible. DEATH…Which reveals you of pain and agony and explains the fact that nothing thrive forever.

Atheist doesn’t believe in GOD, but he(not all indeed) believes in Science. That belief can in turn termed as an ultimate thing, say divine or supreme power or GOD (with respect to theist). Thereby science becomes his GOD! Faith, Joy, Pain, Love, Fear, Work, Hope, Death, Belief…….everything is divine in in its own terms.By the way we look at them…

We should know about our history, myths and religions.Sacred books teaches us about life, which no other books teach. There content transmit deeper messages, which guide us to introspect on current problems, paradigms and prejudices. Every question has an answer in religion (what ever religion it is). Our ancestors had designed them magnificently…or at least they evolved in such a way. We should have minimal rational idea and opinion about them. But arguing and debating the pro’s and con’s about them is not our piece of cake. Religion tells me GOD exist. Science tells me HE doesn’t. My mind tells me to believe. My heart tells me you NEED not. And as far as HIS presence is considered I am NOT MEANT to understand it.

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