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Life is a Paradox

Some relationships hurt and some heal. Some relationships which heal will hurt u later << Life is a paradox>>

Some love rain, but hate to get drenched. Some love sun, but hate to get tanned.<< Life is a paradox>>

You are conscious, you want to tell the truth but you hide it. You are drunk and want to hide the truth but u speaks it out. << Life is a paradox>>

You actually LIVE when u can’t live your dreams. You die in this world when you can’t actually die. << Life is a paradox>>

We know our needs are more important than our wants. But still we give more importance to our wants than to our needs. << Life is a paradox>>

In the name of religion they pray for peace in this society, society which was torn apart by the religion. << Life is a paradox>>

They fight for the fame to get public’s attention, once they attain the desired fame; they try to avoid public’s attention. << Life is a paradox>>

If u can do what is easy, Life will be hard. If u can do what is hard, life will be easy. << Life is a paradox>>

You ignore the person who cares for you and care for the person who ignores you. << Life is a paradox>>

They say ‘love is forever’….and then they say ‘nothing lasts forever’. << Life is a paradox>>

Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past. Every saint has done a sin, for no one knows the real value of the light unless he experiences the dark. Who is good and who is bad? Life is a paradox.

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