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Just like that – 2010

Collection of 21 random thoughts from my journal of 2010. After 10 days I got time today to compile them from my journal. They are not arranged in any order.

  1. My mind is thinking without thinking. My thought is a mystery. It is both rational and stupid at the same time!

  2. I’m now a reality struck in the middle of infinite illusions – That’s what LIFE is!

  3. Never state a reason for failure, State failure as a reason for your SUCCESS.

  4. Something which is a ‘Chance’ for someone may be a ‘Choice’ for others.

  5. Why do we make our life complex, when we have an option to keep it SIMPLE!

  6. Life is never this tough, life is never this challenging and so I never enjoyed LIFE this much.

  7. Life is a chance. How to live it is a choice.

  8. I don’t know what my thinking is called; Is it imagination or is it day dreaming. What so ever it is, I don’t care as long as it takes me to a ride in to infinity.

  9. “Ocean and mind are two deepest creations of the GOD”. You can measure the depth of the ocean but not the later!

  10. I lost the battle but not the war. “I am dying never mean I am dead. It means I am breathing and so I can still make the difference.”

  11. A human’s soul is burning in the fire of Desire and Envy. Desire of what he wants, which he never had. Envy because what he want is with others.

  12. In the battle between evil and good, let evil win the battle and good rule the world.

  13. End of my ‘Future’s beginning’ and Beginning of my ‘Past’s end’.

  14. You live or you die. But never live just to exist and never die to exit.

  15. At times I laugh at how serious I take myself and at times regret at how I ignore myself.

  16. I am living today, to die another day.

  17. I think too much about how not to think too much.

  18. It’s tough being yourself and it is tough being not yourself. Then what it is, when you don’t know who you are?

  19. No one can answer the puzzles in your life except you; No one can solve your problems except you; for a simple reason, no one knows you better than yourself.

  20. Without knowing how to swim, I forced myself to jump into ocean and then wished that this ocean should be an illusion!

  21. The problem with me is …at times I solve wrong problems.

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