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  • Krishna Chaitanya M


Early morning rays were directly falling in my eyes and I was trying to stop them with my right hand, though successful, some managed to pass through my finger and annoyed me. I was too lazy to get out of my bed. But my irritation overwhelmed my laziness and so I made up my mind to get up and close the window to sleep peacefully. When I was about to do what I thought, some other thing caught my attention. The very next second, I jumped out of my room, rolled down the stairs, and ran towards the direction of the lawn (did all this in 5 sec!!!).

Ah….! The view before me was appealing. She was facing the sun with her hands apart, as if she was (or maybe she was) embracing the sun rays. The wind was gentle and trying to lift her hair but failing time and again. She turned around swiftly towards me, careful enough not to disturb the silence. She was impeccable in that WHITE dress …..flawless and perfect. Her dress was glittering like a crystal. Her skin was soft, shinning and sparkling. Her eyes were twinkling like stars. When she looked into my eyes, I was left with nothing to do but tried not to look at her……..unsuccessfully. Fragrance of flowers, morning fog, mist on the green grass, flowers in the garden, silence at that moment….everything was beautiful and exquisite, but paled next to her magnificence. Seeing her charming face I forgot to take my breath for a moment and then I was struggling to remember how to inhale (Oops… thinking of her, my mind was blocked…..completely blank).

I was AFRAID that she might disappear in a sudden puff of smoke and I would wake up thinking her as a dream. And also I WISHED that she would be there forever and would be mine. I took my wish for granted and blinked my eyes to see………She is gone. Without a second thought, not wanting to lose her I ran faster than I could in the direction I never cared (I didn’t had time to think, which direction to go). I saw a red car parked under the tree, youngsters jogging, elders returning from their walk, a man riding on a bicycle, a girl talking on a phone, a child running after his dog and I saw everything…..everything except HER.

My fears had come true and my wish…..VANISHED. I was wondering how someone so elegant and beautiful could be real and it was hard to believe that she was an ANGEL.

With a simple smile playing on my lips, I fell on my knees and holding back my emotions and disappointment, I looked up in the sky…only to scream “THANK YOU” for giving me those 2 minutes.

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