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C/O Kancharapalem

(Care of Kancharapalem)

Reviewed by:

Krishna Chaitanya M



Maha Venkatesh

Radha Bessy, Subba Rao Vepada, Praneeta Patnaik

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Run time (mins)


Life, Love


Streaming On

Netflix Prime (India)

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Care of Kancharapalem is the first movie of director Maha Venkatesh, who made sure it doesn’t look like one. This film is formed by 4 different love stories of different ages, from pre-teens to forties. The central theme of the movie is love, but each story along with a love story, also carries a different underlying factors like cast, religion, age etc., which would affect that love. 

All the 4 stories were set up in Kancharapalem, a locality in Visakhapatnam. One story is about Raju, an attender in a government office and his relationship with the widowed superior, Radha. Another about pre-teens, Sundaram, who tries to help his crush get the lyrics of a song for a competition. Third story, favourite of mine, because of the revolutionary idea director tried to portray and also because it is rare in Telugu movies - about a wine shop boy, Gaddam, who develops feelings for a prostitute (Saleema) without know who she is, who comes daily to buy a bottle of Mansion house. But when he comes to know, he confronts that his feeling remains same (he flinches initially though) and eventually proposes her by gifting a wine bottle. And then there is this story about Joseph, local strongman’s henchman, who has hate turned love for a Brahmin girl, Bhargavi.

One more aspect of the movie I liked is the roles of female leads, each with a strong character - Radha, denies the caste discrimination in the office. Saleema, who is an independent girl and accepts who she is. Bhargavi, who isn’t intimidated by the local goons.

Two scenes particularly which left a mark for me from this movie are - When the boy looks at the idol with tears - which left me wondering what happened is right or wrong. And another, Gaddam, giving condom to Saleema, after she mentioned that her mother died of AIDS. The emotions revolving around these scenes are incredible (and there are more such scenes).

There are other characters which are as important as the leads in all the 4 stories, like, Radha’s daughter, Idol-maker, idol-maker’s wife, Ammoru (strongman) etc.,  and each of the actors performing these characters did a decent job.

The film takes it time to establish the characters and keeps shifting between all 4 stories, letting you guess how each story ends. Kudos to the director for coming up with such an incredible idea of love and transformation.

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